Agarikon Tincture
Agarikon Tincture

Agarikon Tincture

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Agarikon is also known as Laricifomes Officinalis. Agarikon contains a fatty acid known as agaric acid. It has been used throughout the northern hemisphere in many indigenous cultures. It has also been called the Quinine Conk and was used to treat fevers caused by malaria.  Agarikon has many redeeming qualities. If you know, you know.

This small batch was sustainably harvested and handcrafted in Arcata California from a specimen that was found on a giant old growth Douglas Fir snag. This is a limited run batch that is as rare and precious as the mushroom itself. 

INGREDIENTS: Wild Laricifomes offcinalis. Organic Alcohol

DOSE: Shake well. Use
one dropper (1 ml) in the
AM, mix with 4oz water.
For treatment use only. 
Make sure to dilute in water. 


From Lawrence Milman's FUNGIPEDIA:

"West Coast native people placed carved agarikon specimens on the graves of their shamans. In British Columbia, the Haida First Nation people personified the polypore as a deity called Fungus Man. According to the legend, Raven created men but did not know what to do next, so his friend Fungus Man took him to the island that was inhabited by female genitalia. Raven fastened some of the genitalia onto the men, and lo! those men became women. Thus humankind owes its existence to Fungus Man..."