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"My Mission is simple: I am providing responsibly sourced, highest quality organic mushroom concentrates in order to finance movies about mushrooms and all things mycology."

All our products are third party laboratory tested by Eurofin Labs and contain 30% beta-glucans, verified 3-4% triterpenes and 1-2% erinacines and 1% cordycepin, Internationally certified organic by Ceres GmbH. Hamilton provides The most potent mushroom concentrates on the market, at the best possible price. We're not selling you expensive capsules, plastic bottles,  extra measuring spoons, or unnecessary gimmicks, because we know you know how to use a tea spoon! Our water soluble concentrated powders get right to the point: the best medicine at the best price. The difference is visceral and measurable. 


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fujiyan south china home of the cultivated shitake mushroom

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Lions mane mushroom powder dual extraction concentrate hericium erinaceus