About Our Mushrooms

Yes, these fruit body (mushroom) extracts are organic and grown on organic substrates. Certified organic by Ceres and tested by DAKKS certifeid Eurofins labs.

Yes, these are more potent than most of the other products on the market. potency is measured by target compounds: fungal beta glucans, triterpenes, diterpenes, cordycepin and polysaccharides.

Yes, they are water soluble. Add them to your daily beverage routine.

Yes, they are grown in China. Dont freak out.

Why? Because they are grown at the epicenter of mushroom cultivation in the world. Fujiyan province is home to the masters of mushroom cultivation and extraction. The fruits are harvested from a distrubuted network of small farms that are located according to which strain grows best in which cliamte. All rural farms, however some are grown indoors like cordyceps militaris.

Nobody does it better. 

I chose these masters after vetting 8 different mushroom operations; it took 3 years of research, testing, and discovery.

Go for the deep dive below for way more information on each strain, and remember, dont take it from me alone, check the references. This is the internet after all.