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Come See Me! Aug 10-13

I would love to meet you and connect with our community. This is where you find me, please check back as I will be updating this calendar with new events!

Check out The Beyul Mushroom Retreat 2023 was a success! please watch out for next years line up and details!

The French Alps Foray has only a couple spots left! BOOK HERE


  • Thanks to this mycology training , you will lay the foundations of knowledge of mushrooms: how to identify them, pick them, cook them...
    It is aimed at forest enthusiasts who want to understand the role of fungi, professionals in the catering trades who wish to develop new culinary experiences, and in general to all nature lovers who want to feast their taste buds and fill their eyes!

    The alpine forests are full of delicious wild mushrooms, you just have to learn how to find them, recognize them and prepare them to enjoy them.

    This initiation is a nature workshop accessible without prior skill, and recommended to all those who wish to experience a first approach to practical mycology before embarking on an autodidact in the field, to gain self-confidence and their ability to pick and cook. safely.