TRIGGER WARNING: Sincere Cliches Ahead.

For the last 15 years or so, my life gets progressively more interesting each year and 2021 was no exception. Even with all the challenges, and endeavors I can unequivocally pronounce that Life is fine at thirty nine.  Im not sure if this is a testament to my actions, or my privilege, probably both. But I still have a hair line at thirty nine even if it is traveling south fast.

There is mush to be grateful for!

The last year around the sun provided some of the most potent experiences in my short life: Beginning with the birth of my son Arya. Devika and I managed to create another disaster baby. Our first, Isa, being conceived on the day of 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal back in 2015. And....Arya, a true Covid-19 lockdown baby. Disasters require equal and opposite reactions, but no pressure on the kids eh?!

Another milestone this past year was Isa attending kindergarten, a first for all of us. we were so excited about this that we took her to school a week too early! kindergarten is as much for the kids to learn “how to” learn as it is for the parents to learn “how to do” school. So as Isa joined her classmates, i joined the ranks of parents figuring out how to get kids fed and watered, packed and parka’d, and out the door, on time.

Parenting is the dominant theme, blessing, challenge and joy of my life these days. I suspect that wont change for a very long time. I feel truly lucky to get to raise these little humans. I have endeavored a new-to-me kind of raising; a small business.

2nd Trigger Warning: Claims Of Insight Ahead.

To be clear I dont know much about anything, so take it all lightly and with detachment.

Ten years ago, back in 2020 after escaping Nepal’s boarder closure and a few days into  my quarantine,  I had a personal revelation: To pay myself to make movies about mushrooms. Two years later, that revelation has come to fruition. Reinforcing my beliefs that doing meaningful work is more important for health and wellness than doing lucrative work. I say that knowing the risk i have taken and what is at stake! I say that knowing that I have a family to support. And, knowing fully that the universe will respond in kind to the efforts of the heart.

In the case “heart” being a euphemism for “right work”, “soul work” “true work” work that natures and cultivates ones talents, work that is fulling by just doing it. Work that serves, work that connects, work that is an ally.

I have always been lucky enough to know what I want. However the saying “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” is not true.

there is a potential toxicity in monetizing your love. Some might say inevitable toxicity! The risk being that you might end up not loving it anymore. I may have been naive about the reality of entrepreneurship and going all in on a start up company. But i have no fantasies that it will be easy. For easy, it is not! But building something, and creating art are both fulfilling enough to take the risk. I would rather try and fail then regret not trying. Every day I give thanks that i am in a position to try!

On my 39th year hurtling through space, I can confidently declare: life is too short to waste on the doing of things that hold no meaning for the doer.

I will part with these words: Put yourself out there. Show up. Do the thing. Take the risk.  DO IT! Make the baby!  Start the business! Renounce society! Take the trip! Eat the whole bag! Say I love you, want you, need you! Quit your job. Take the job. You are worthy to try even if it all falls apart, there is value, education, and social credit it trying. You Are Loved.

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