I am a node in the network, a mutualistic ally

Combining my passion for mushrooms and filmmaking is a full power-move into my true calling: Doing meaningful and impactful work for my family, myself and my greater community. 

The films I am producing in and around mycology are meant to benefit everyone, including those who would be conventionally considered competition. 

However, (and this is important) I don't see other extract and mushroom companies as competition, I see them as potential collaborators. All of us are pushing this boulder up the hill together. 

When I make a film about medicinal and functional mushrooms, that film will benefit all the companies that are providing this medicine to the masses. If I make a film about mushroom cultivation then I hope it will benefit all cultivators. 

And so it goes, telling the stories of individual people’s healing journeys is one end of the narrative spectrum all the way to an organization's efforts to myco-remediate a contaminated area or to develop new strains, isolate new compounds, or identify new species. 

Mycology is a vast science, with lots of nooks to peer into, pry open and examine more closely. 

As we introduce and help appropriate mushrooms in the west, we are all educating, informing and fact checking together.

I want to help tell your story!  

I want to connect with you, your company and your organization to bring your narrative to fruition. Hamilton’s can be a resource to everyone who wants to collaborate, whether creating a film, launching a company, or sourcing high quality products. 

Please contact me with your mushroom related requests.

I am taking a play from the mycelium handbook and offering myself, my skills and my resources as an asset to you. I am your ally. I want to connect with other like minded companies, individuals and organizations to help facilitate and tell the stories that matter. 

If I am a mycorrhizae then you might be a rootlet! (or vice versa) or maybe we are carbon, nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and sulfate, and together we can travel the network of webs to the mother tree…

I am a node in the network, a mutualistic ally.   A node you can call on to be a true and lasting connection…

I don’t see the mushroom extract space as one of contest. 

It is easy for me to imagine that we are all working towards the same goals of wellness and healing and connectedness: three things that are desperately needed in western culture right now. 

A big part of healing is the narratives we tell ourselves and others regarding our own state of being and those around us. Those stories are a psychological reinforcement of how we feel and can be the mechanism that helps us get better or the modality that keeps us sick. 

The stories we tell ourselves are critical to our wellbeing. 

I invite you to tell your story and reach out to me so that I can help tell your story. 

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