Crushing Covid With Crucial Cordyceps

Covid impotence is real.  You can’t hide this shit from your partners so this is for the partners too. You may have heard about it like a shameful whisper in the dark. Many men will not admit that anything could be wrong with their own penis, and if there was something wrong they definitely wouldn’t talk about it publicly. I am raising this subject because in some ways it is taboo, and I don't think it should be. Not talking about it is part of the toxic masculinity issues that western culture is facing at the moment. 

I got Omicron in early January 2022 as part of my new year's resolution to get Covid, just kidding, relax. 

I didn’t realize what was happening to me until I got over all my other symptoms (which varied with a new one each day) and realized my libido was gone!

I stopped getting morning wood, for the first time ever in my life. For men, testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning and slowly deplete through the day, hence the often uncomfortably hard AM erections. Tip: If you want your man for sex get him in the AM, If you want to convince him of anything try in the evening when his testosterone is low and he is more compliant.  

When one wakes up enfeebled it's like being abandoned by an old familiar friend. When I woke up flaccid for the first time I thought it's just because everyone in my house is sick and that is the most unsexy thing. EVER.  You might be saying, oh Hamilton its because you are 39 now, might as well be dead! or Hamilton, did you know the longer your beard gets the less sex you have, I had stopped shaving for 2 months and had a small creature living on my face. 

Even after we recovered I had to admit to myself something was up, or in this case, very very down. I was not worried, and I was not scared, but I was highly motivated to remedy this emasculation.

So, I started eating lots and lots of Cordyceps militaris extract and whole dried fruit bodies. A lot! (Organic ~3g dried fruit bodies, Organic 2g dual extract 30% beta-glucans, ~0.2% Cordycepin - every day for 4 days)

Sure enough, my mojo came back, along with my energy, my stamina, and my mood. I am fully convinced that Cordyceps is THE covid recovery mushroom, hands down, dicks up!

Here is why: The beta-glucans are modulating the immune system, putting your body back into balance. One of the active compounds called cordycepin is loosely described as an analogue to adenosine triphosphate (ATP). They are so similar that the receptors cannot tell them apart. So in that way cordycepin fuels our mitochondria just like ATP, so we get energy from the cellular level. Cordyceps improves oxygen uptake in the blood, which will result in increased stamina and endurance. Cordyceps has anti viral properties. no need to explain why that is good for a pandemic. Cordycepin compared to ATP is missing an oxygen molecule so this lack of oxygen “suffocates” the virus. On top of all that, cordycepin helps reset your circadian rhythm allowing for better sleep and better sleep has all kinds of benefits. Crucial Cordyceps strikes this difficult balance of increasing energy and improving sleep quality. 

All of these things add up to enhanced virility, enhanced energy and enhanced mood.

When you feel better you perform better. These have a ripple effect though a household. 

In a similar and opposite way: For example,  if your infant child doesn’t sleep then mom doesn’t sleep and if mom doesn’t sleep then papa doesn’t sleep and if papa doesn’t sleep then total household cranky pants is achieved.

That is why Cordyceps are a crucial part of my daily routine. Although I do cycle off of them from time to time, just to use a different organic mushroom extract. Cycling on and off your supplements is just a good general practice. On days that I don't supplement, I don't “forget” to take them, I consider that I don’t  need them that day. 

If you are still experiencing covid and symptomatic or cant get over the long haul covid... I suggest adding Crucial Cordyceps to your daily regimen for a full and firm recovery. You will experience measurable beneficial effects.

Your partner will thank you. 

Oh! What a nice coincidence, I sell Cordyceps!


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Don't take my word for it!

If you want more info and like to read big words here are the references:

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