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To access the full benefits of medicinal mushrooms we must break the cell wall to release the many bioactive compounds, most notably the Beta-glucans. The dual extraction process uses alcohol and hot water to release the Beta-glucans and triterpenoids trapped inside and make them more bioavailable. Not all companies test for Beta-glucans. ALL of Hamilton’s Whole Mushroom Dual Extracts contain verifiable Beta-glucans, tested by reputable third-party laboratories.  We use Intertek,

 Other companies will add fillers to help the powders dry or use mycelium on grain making those extracts mostly starch. We only use whole dried fruit bodies (sclerotia for Chaga) and use NO FILLERS, NO GRAIN in our extracts. ONLY PURE ORGANIC WHOLE MUSHROOMS ARE USED IN ALL OF HAMILTON’S DUAL EXTRACTS.